Juneau Rollergirls

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Our thanks to 360 North for broadcasting, livestreaming and archiving our games.

Save the Date!

Juneau Rollergirls has a lot of exciting events coming up, so mark your calendars!

  • June 28:
    Sunday Brunch  @ Rockwell
    Join us for brunch between 10am and noon. A portion of the proceeds from your brunch go to the “Skate of Emergency” Sport Court Fundraising Campaign.
  • July 11:
    Lip Sync Bout @ Rendezvous
    Email Shank to sign up your act or buy your tickets online.
  • July 26:
    Sunday Brunch  @ Rockwell
  • August 30:
    Sunday Brunch  @ Rockwell
  • September 1:
    Season 5 begins

Join the league!

  • Contact the Recruitment Committee to learn more about opportunities to get involved with the league as a skater, official or volunteer.

Skate of Emergency

Juneau Rollergirls has declared a SKATE of EMERGENCY! We must raise $20,000 needed for a sport court by Sept ‘15 in order to continue skating at Centennial Hall Convention Center.

Juneau Rollergirls is reaching out to the community for help in reaching this fundraising goal. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming fundraisers and opportunity to donate towards this important investment for our league.

Juneau Rollergirls is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and donations to the organization are tax deductible.

Sponsorship packages with great perks are available for donors. Donations may also be made anonymously at the donor’s request.

Juneau Rollergirls loves our community and roller derby promotes women empowerment, teamwork, and community involvement.

Contact sportcourt@juneaurollergirls.com for more information or make a donation today!

May 15 & 16: United We Roll Tournament

  • Juneau Rollergirls vs Garnet Grit Betties (Wrangell)
    Juneau 148, GGB 31
  • Rage City All-Stars (Anchorage) vs Juneau Rollergirls
    Rage 176, Juneau 6
  • Juneau Rollergirls vs Garnet Grit Betties (Wrangell)
    Juneau 142, GGB 48
  • Boom Town Derby Dames vs Juneau Rollergirls
    Juneau 144, BTDD 27
  • Sitka Sound Slayers vs Juneau Rollergirls
    Sitka 109, Juneau 100
  • Juneau Rollergirls Tournament MVPs
    MVP Jammer: Kimbustible
    MVP Blocker: Just Julie

Congratulations to the Rage City All-Stars on their win at the United We Roll Alaska State Tournament! Juneau Rollergirls entered the tournament as the number 4 seed and battled our way to a strong 3rd place finish.

February 27 & 28: Wild West Showdown Tournament

  • Devil Dog Derby Dames vs Juneau Rollergirls
    DDDD 167, Juneau 185
  • Foco Girls Gone Derby vs Juneau Rollergirls
    Foco 223, Juneau 119
  • Camaro Harem vs Juneau Rollergirls & Friends
    CH 178, JR&F 196

In addition to playing our first sanctioned games against two amazingly talented and super fun teams, we were honored to be able to pull together “just for fun” scrimmage against the Throttle Rockets post-tournament on Sunday morning. Special thanks to Camaro Harem and Throttle Rockets for facilitating exceptional development opportunities this weekend for Juneau Rollergirls. Being in an isolated, roller rink-less Alaskan community that’s off the road system, it was a really special experience for the team to not only be challenged by high caliber game play with opponents like these great teams, but to also be able to have skaters like Onda Sligh, Dee, CeeCee, Carmen Getsome, Mayja Look, LeBrawn Maimes, Energizer Bunny, Whoa Nellie, Belle Tolls, Patience Grasshopper, Chantilly Cream and our other new derby friends!

LegiSkative Session: #AKderby Mash-up
Filibusters vs Law & Disorder

Juneau Rollergirls hosted a live roller derby game on Saturday February 21, 2015 at Centennial Hall! Thank you to all our fans, volunteers and supporters for coming out for the bout! Congratulations to the Filibusters on their hard-earned win!

Final Score: Filibusters 210, Law & Disorder 167
Filibusters MVPs: Titan Young #25 (Jammer) & Just Julie #11 (Blocker)
Law & Disorder MVPs: April Mayhem #420 (Jammer), T #99 (Blocker)
Juneau Rule Keepers MVP: Yosemite Slam

Team Law & Disorder was supplemented by a guest skater from the Petersburg Ragnarok Rollers… Pink Slammin #00! Guest Referees Brohican (Rage City Rollergirls) and Dilli Gaf (Sitka Sound Slayers) joined in the fun, too! Our thanks to the roller derby community for all your support!

Special guest and Juneau Police Department Chief, Bryce Johnson helped kick off the Skate of Emergency fundraising campaign for a sport court and rallied the is issuing an invitation to participate in Juneau’s Take Back the Night event, April 1, 2015.

Juneau Rollergirls is pleased to announce that a portion of the proceeds from this event will go to support school breakfast programs. Thank you for helping us raise money for this cause!

Questions? Contact us!

Juneau Rollergirls, Inc operates as a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the development of amateur athletes for local, national and international roller derby competition.

Juneau Rollergirls is a competitive women’s flat track roller derby league. Our community seeks to foster and promote athleticism, strength, and empowerment among our membership.

Our league actively promotes, and sustains an environment that fosters strength, courage, vitality, and the empowerment of women in the  sport of roller derby. Each member of the league shall be challenged and supported in the pursuit of personal growth in and through the sport. Specifically, the corporation promotes and fosters among its participants the development of the skills necessary to participate in local, regional, national, and international competitions. The organization is operated as a nonprofit corporation and engages in outreach through the support of local charities.